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" My first impression of this album reminds me of the rawness of The Wolfgang Press and Cabaret Voltaire." - Renato Malizia from The Blog That Celebrates Its Self

" Drawn out slow builds with a steady rhythm. Low toned vocals lead the way into ethereal synth blooms.

Longevity is an appropriate title for this band which has persevered in the local scene for years, music made by brothers who have a process and a commitment to exploration, and it shows.

Slow dancing beats fade into memory invoking sonic space. Drum machines provide the spine that is danced upon by swirling guitars and shimmering synth. Bass comes as much from vocals as strings.

A heavy urgency is pushed in the most chaotic moments, a moment of dance, then a sigh of relief. These songs feel like days of a life, reflections on the things we all do everyday. These aren’t hopes or fears but acknowledgements of sunshine, shadow, joy and sorrow.

The brothers clearly have an insatiable appetite for exploration, I hope they never find the end of the road." - Matthew Clagg of Rajidae Productions + Media


released February 7, 2019

Lyrics and music by Jason and Justin Hendry

Recorded and mixed during September 2017 - October 2018 at the Hendry's Cave

Mastered by Brandon Jones


all rights reserved



jeremiah foundation Wichita, Kansas


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Track Name: android
sun, keeps on burnin'
time, keeps on burnin'
till it dies.

little dove
speaking love
time keeps on burin'
and time, keeps on burning
Track Name: phonecalls
i dream in black and white
don't kiss and tell
it is confidential this time of night.

i know, i know that you know.
who is counting now

i always pick up the phone the same way
answering my questions with exclamation points
you focus on the sentimental side of physical with hints of spiritual

there is a season and a place, love
a time for everything
but love it's still not right now
Track Name: rumors
tell me of your hatred
and your lost friend
tell me all of your frustrations
and your disappointments, love
i will tell you all of my sins

the rumors are better

walk miles with me
after all i don't calculate time
i hear that you
only collect those precious gems
this isn't obvious nor is it clever, love
times not particulate in to fractional
after all i'm not dead yet and i promised you.

the rumors are better
after all i have done
i live a boring life

i would rather live in solitude
then a life time with you
Track Name: hello (it is time to come home)
i see you through the television
glazed eyes
i hear you through the radio
deaf ears fade

how are you
it's been too long
it's time to come home

my life is television
numb and hazed
my feet move to the radio
i like to sway
Track Name: brother
let's talk straight
this land this home
is meant for you
it's meant for me

flesh and blood it's not my thing
fist to fist it's not my thing
hand to hand it's not my thing
it's not my thing

you need food
you need drink
i'll help you
you'll help me

brother my sweet brother why do we fight each another
brother my blood brother let's love one another
Track Name: leave it all behind
forget your laws
burn your books
draw your lines
go alone
and fuck money

i hope you well

i like you where you are
at a distance
it's better off if we don't talk
everything we value burns
including our love
at arms length

ashes to ashes

what's it worth
it all burns
Track Name: watchers
stranger visitors in the night they haunt me
with their hollow eyes they pierce me
can you feel the loss
reaching out touch me steal my innocents
can you feel the connection

open mouths say nothing at all
we become like our strangers with hollow eyes
can you feel loss
can you feel the connections

i have never felt like i belong
and i have never felt
i am just the dust build up that you wiped off

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